Ibrahim Maalouf is a Lebanese musician based in Paris, born and raised in a musical family, his dad played the trumpet and his mom was a pianist. Maalouf was a pioneer in jazz fusion, if you can name it that, making one haunting album after the other. His accomplishments were honoured recently at the 29th annual Victoires de la Musique ceremony, France’s top music awards, with the Best World Music Album of the Year for his latest endeavor “Illusions”. If you’re not familiar with this national treasure, we suggest you give the below gems a listen to get acquainted with probably the best thing to come out of Lebanon since Phoenician ships.

By Jean Maroun Khoury and Matthew Hobeiche

10. Doubts 

9. Excitement 

8. Harlem (Live at New Morning)

7. Hashish 

6. Surprises

5. Questions & Answers (Live at Des mots de minuit)

4. Naga

3. Esse (Live at New Morning)

2. Beirut

1. Maeva in Wonderland 



Will Soon Be a Woman


Trumpet and Saz Improvisation