Here’s what I hope you will do after you listen to this playlist. You will realize what a force of nature Jamila Woods is. You will remember a time when your biggest worry was whether your parents will allow you to go play outside or not, how to not get caught stealing from the bank in Monopoly (not that I ever did that). You will read Nikki Giovanni’s Ego Tripping. You’ll have a few new songs to dance to, to be brave to. As for me, I’m writing this while boarding a plane to spend my birthday alone in a country where I don’t know a single soul and I don’t speak the language. I feel lonely alive and I have my music. More than I need..

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1. Kazy Lambist – Annecy

2. Jamila Woods – Giovanni

3. Kamasi Washington – Hub-Tones

4. Narcy – Time (feat. Mashrou’ Leila)

5. Jacob Banks – Slow Up

6. Nao – If You Ever ft. 6LACK

7. Theophilus London – Only You (feat. Tame Impala)

8. Julia Holter – Words I Heard

9. Oh Pep! – Truths

10. Kevin Garrett- In Case I Don’t Feel


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