In a change of scene, this week’s contribution comes from one of our favorite DJ/Producers working the Middle East today, Mr. Omar Fayyad, a Dubai based Egyptian DJ & Producer. He graced us with an hour of deep-flowing afterhour beats, that’ll take you on quite the mental trip.

Fayyad has always been known for his mellow deep house choice of music when he is on the DJ duties. He has always been addicted to the emotional side of music, which he describes as “Music with Soul”; you can clearly sense this when you hear him on the decks.

Fayyad has also been delivering originals and remixes under labels such as 5 & Dime Recordings, Crossfade Sounds, Electronic Tree, etc.
He has been supported by artists such as Hernan Cattaneo, Cid Inc., Max Cooper and many more.

Fayyad always preferred playing warm-up sets, or After-hours. This is because he always believed that they are much more challenging than a main set, because you need to be smart in setting the tone, and careful enough not to tap into high energy peak zones.

You can clearly tell that he has a certain unique taste in his music selection. A perfect track for him is always one that is not too obvious nor predictable, but one that tells a story. When recording, he always spends time on his track selection and makes sure their sequence fits in a way that makes it a journey. You will always find him setting off mixes with very slow mellow records, works his way up, and brings it back down towards the end


1 – Pablo Bolivar & Sensual Physics – Because of this (Original Mix) [SEVEN VILLAS]

2 – Mano Le Tough – Half Closed Eyes (Original Mix) [PERMANENT VACATION]

3 – Slow Hearts – Powderwings (Original Mix) [SURUBA]

4 – Jon Charnis – Prophecy (Original Mix) [INNERVISIONS]

5 – Ripperton – Ordine Gigante (Full Ride) [MAEVE]

6 – Love Over Entropy – Rommella (Original Mix) [SOMEWHERE]

7 – Chymera – The Divided Self (Original Mix) [OVUM]

8 – WhoMadeWho – Ember (Bedouin Remix) [GET PHYSICAL]

9 – Pattern Drama Feat. Candida – Girar O Mundo (Original Mix) [TOUCH OF CLASS]