Carol, also known as Hair [elshaar], uses words, music and physical expression to tell a story and provoke an emotion. Elshaar infiltrated the music industry as a laptop DJ back in 2011. She’s a genre-inclusive DJ from Lebanon, who loves to flirt through her music. She often improvises depending on the energy she gets from the audience. She can go from soulful downtempo electronic to deep tribal house if she feels that that’s what you need. Over the years, Elshaar was drawn to ethnic electronic and tribal house music with a soulful twist.

A Monologue with Birds is an emotional outdoor nature set. It builds on her previous sets inspired by the planetary retrogrades. ElShaar’s music is very much guided by the universe and how she is feeling. Every time a planet is in retrograde, elShaar’s style becomes experimental, raw and groovier, and a set emerges.