You would be surprised that there are many out-of-tune songs by famous artists. And they are stunningly good. Here is a bizarre list with the top 10 out-of-tune tracks.

By Serge Yared



10. Daniel Johnston – Power of Love

(Track wasn’t found anywhere online. You can find it here if you have Spotify)

9. Ralph Stanley – White Light/White Heat

8. Jonathan Richman – I’m Nature Mosquito

7. Beat Happening – Teenage Caveman

6. Moldy Peaches – County Fair

5. Adam Green – It’s a fine

4. Violent Femmes – Jesus Walking on the Water

3. The Vaselines – Son of a Gun

2. Lou Reed – Gimmie Some Good Time

1. Kevin Ayers – Stranger in Blue Suede Shoes



Editor’s note:

I would like to include a bonus track by The Incompetents (A Lebanese band). An obvious out-of-tune cover of Daniel Johnston’s Bloody Rainbow



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