Soko is a half-French / half-Polish singer & actress. She has appeared in several French films & got a start as a singer, after she asked a director to sing, on screen. She is known for her live performances. In fact, she is unpredictable and never uses a set list; her backing band consists mostly of different friend-musicians at each show. She sometimes plays up to 3 hours by herself, in intimate and quiet venues.

By Noemie Honein


The list is in order

10 – Souvenirs

9 – First Love Never Dies


8 – The Dandy Cowboys


7 – Why Do You Treat Me Like You Do


6 – My Wet Dreams


5 – I’ve Been Alone Too Long


4 – I Will Never Love You More


3 – I’ll Kill Her


2 – Take My Heart


1 – I Thought I Was an Alien


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