The Cinematic Orchestra is as the brilliant name suggests: a music group that creates cinematic soundscapes in the realms of electronica and nu-jazz.  Jason Swinscoe, composer/programmer/multi-instrumentalist, has been heading the music collective since 1999 which is now signed to the legendary record label Ninja Tune.

“Essentially I see Cinematic Orchestra as a big family. There are so many people involved….but what we all have in common is this love of music and a freedom to be as creative as we can.
The Cinematic Orchestra is a very organic thing, there’s no rules, no restrictions, no limits. It’s undefined and always will be. It’s not and never was meant to be anything very specific. It’s just about making art, about making great music… timeless in a sense… but contextual. That’s it, there’s no mystery. I love it, that’s what I do.”  – Jason Swinscoe

1- Burn Out

2- Evolution

3- All Things

4- Man With The Movie Camera

5- Ode To The Big Sea

6- Breathe (ft. Fontenella Bass)

7- As The Stars Fall

8- Reel Life (EVO II)

9- Familiar Ground (ft. Fontenella Bass)

10- Drunken Tune

11- Chanel 1 Suite

12- Diabolus

13- Time And Space (feat. Lou Rhodes)

14- Odessa

15- To Build A Home (feat. Patrick Watson)

Bonus Track:

Arrival of the Birds & Transformation


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