The French have always had a knack for electronic music (covered previously on Revolver, twice) – yes, we know you’re thinking Daft Punk and Justice. We compiled a list of 15 electronic songs by slightly more obscure, French-speaking beatmakers. Spotify labels this genre French-indie-tronica (really…) but we don’t like labels so let’s just say these tunes combine youthful, vapory lyrics with a solar French touch. It’s all very groovy.

By Sophie Maalouf and Natacha Feghali

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Polo & Pan – Canopée

Paradis – Garde Le Pour Toi

L’Impératrice – Agitations Tropicales

Poom – Les Voiles

Cléa Vincent – Destination Tropicale (Feat. KIM)

Max Berlin – Elle et Moi (Joakim Remix)

Hypnolove – La Piscine  (L’Impératrice remix)

La Femme – Nous étions Deux

Amadou & Mariam – Sabali

Flavien Berger – La Fête Noire

Therapie TAXI – Jean Paul 

Fonkynson – Caresse

Paradis – Recto Verso

Saint Antoine – Jubilé

Burning Peacocks – Ondulation


Bonus track:

Calypso Rose – No Madame (Polo & Pan Remix)


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