Beirut holds a special place in our heart. It was time we made a list of the best Beirut songs, going from Fairuz, all the way to Pink Floyd’s Roger Waters. It is a special date for the city, with historic elections that will decide its fate for the near future.

Fairuz – Ya Mina El Habayeb

Majida El Roumi – Ya Beirut

Marcel Khalife – On to Beirut

Khaled El Haber – Beirut Boukra

Eben Foulen & Rayess Bek – Madinet Beirut

Fairuz – Li Beirut

Yasmine Hamdan – Beirut

Khaled El Haber – Chare’ L Hamra

Hamorabi – El Madineh

Roger Waters – Leaving Beirut


Full Playlist: