What is known today as Syria, Lebanon, Palestine and even Jordan, was and still is part of a wider geographical notion referred to as the Levant, a region where many common traditionsare found dispersed along the different borders. The same applies to music and its different variations. In the following playlist, you will find a selection of songs that hail from this region, many of which face a very critical status today , for a lot have not been properly documented.

By Fares Damien

Fairuz – Aal Rosana

Sana’ Moussa – Najmat el Soboh

Sabah Fakhri – Ah Ya Helo Ya Msalini

El Funoun – Miriam’s Father

Hayyed Aan el Jeshi

Nasri Chamseddine – Dal3ouna

Lena Chamamyan – Hal Asmar El Lon 

Ya ‘dameh Mghabbara

Samira Tawfik – Al Ain Molayatin

Oumaima El Khalil – Nami Ya Zghireh

Check out the cover of this song by an Iranian musician here.


Bonus track:

Mijana session by Wadih el Safi


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