On the internet, you’re always in the dark. Sometimes, however, on a late night early morning, you stumble across a link that changes your life forever. Those who know Cottonmouth, know the transformational power of its music blogcast. Every other week, they introduce a contribution from an artist that brings forth a new journey of sound. Their signature sound is a warm cultural tone combining elements of deep electronica and world music with the occasional yet worthwhile deviation. Cottonmouth Blogcast got picked up by Ibiza Sonica Radio, where it premieres one day before it’s released on their Soundcloud page.

We’d recommend saving this link for later reference, as you would never know when you’d need an hour or more of smooth, easy listening music. Below are 10 sets that sum up the sound of Cottonmouth to fill your sonic adventures with grooves of their colourful world.

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Rabih Rizk


Don Edwardo











Marko Milicevic


Leichtigkeit Des Seins