Edith Piaf, now regarded as France’s greatest and most famous popular singer, emerged in post-war Paris and quickly became the icon of her times. With outstanding vocal techniques, raw emotional singing, and powerful stage presence, Piaf captured the essence of the French soul. While Piaf recorded hundreds of songs with melancholic themes such as heartache, tragedy, poverty and lost love, her wide and rapid vibrato manages to create a certain joie de vivre feel in every song. This playlist is our little personal Hymne à la môme.

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15. Les flonflons du bal

14. L’homme au piano

13. Johnny tu n’es pas un ange

12. Les amants d’un jour

11. C’est l’amour

10. A quoi ca sert l’amour (Featuring Théo Sarapo)

9. L’accordéoniste

8. Mon manège à moi

7. Mon dieu

6. Padam padam

5. Milord

4. La foule

3. Hymne à l’amour

2. Non je ne regrette rien

1. La vie en rose

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