by Anita Yardemian

Fresh off the heels from one of the most famous festivals in the world, The Do Lab significantly stood out at Coachella once again. Led by brothers Jesse, Dede, and Josh Flemming, the dynamic trio have rigorously raised the bar over the years to make the Do Lab better and better whilst remaining true to their vibrant colors and its supersonic vibes. Headlining eclectic names, surprise guests and luring in energetic party goers, Coachella has become a staple prequel for the full production of Do Lab’s four-day music and arts festival, Lightning in a Bottle.

On the weekend of Memorial Day as tradition stands, Lightning in a Bottle has grown to be an artistic, open-format gathering where guests eagerly sink in the beautiful lake grounds (location changing from Silverado to currently held at San Antonio Lake in California) to celebrate art, music and community.

The family-friendly festival provides musical lineups with a variety of artists and genres, workshops with leaders in wellness and culture, artist performances with still installations and interactive spectacles, artisanal marketplace for collectors, culinary varieties of nourishing delicacies and many more engaging and inspirational activities that take place during the LIB experience.

Significantly, LIB’s condonable efforts to keep the festival as environmentally green as possible has garnered a collective behavior change in the way attendees do festivals. Providing free water and using renewable energy, LIB continues to implement eco-conscious systems for a better, cleaner earth.

Some playing at LIB are no stranger to Project Revolver as these artists will be taking center stage from Be SvendsenYokoo, Viken ArmanUnders, and Patrik Khach. We couldn’t be more proud to see music trickling down internationally. Check out the full line-up below:
Although LIB is a bit far geographically from Beirut, but the festival resonates with its sonic ripples across the globe influencing many artists and promoters in this city, even dancers who do the annual pilgrimage to LIB.
Some tickets left remaining to plan for your magical LIB experience: