About 20 years ago, the presence of females in the heaviest music of the world was a kind of nonsense. Now men and women have equal rights for the glory of metal band frontman, and the girls-rockers on the stages of the biggest rock festivals are the most common phenomenon. Only look at the amount of rock concerts offered by female singers at Ticketselect, and you will agree with this. Rock is not a woman business. Nevertheless, every rule has exceptions!

Considering the phenomenon of female rock vocals, we decided to list, in our opinion, the most charismatic rock singers.

By Mike Rott


Janis Joplin


Janis Joplin is an American rock singer. First she performed as a part of Big Brother and the Holding Company, then Kozmic Blues Band and Full Tilt Boogie Band. Joplin, who released only four studio albums (one of which is a posthumous release), is considered the best white blues singer and one of the greatest singers in the history of rock music. During her short life, she managed to win the hearts of millions around the world and leave an indelible mark in the history of rock due to her emotional and volcanic performances. In 1995, the name of Janice appeared in the Hall of Rock and Roll Glory, and 10 years later she was posthumously awarded the Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award.

Stevie Nicks


American singer and songwriter, Stevie Nicks is best known as the face and voice of the band ‘Fleetwood Mac’, a British-American group. Since its inception in July 1967, it has known many ups and downs, it changed the lineup and the style of music performed several times, so this could save its popularity longer than the overwhelming majority of competitors – up to the end of the XX century.


Debbie Harry


Debbie Harry is an American singer and actress, songwriter, leader of the new-wave band ‘Blondie’. With two-ton bleached hair, Harry quickly turned into a rock idol. Her appearance of the era of revolutions was popularized in video clips. She has become a frequent visitor of the club Studio 54. In June 1979, the group appears on the cover of Rolling Stone. Deborah, combining cold and sexy street style, is so tightly connected with the name of the band that many fans have come to believe that ‘Blondie’ is not the name of the group, but the name of the singer.


Tina Turner


Tina Turner is an American singer, songwriter, actress and dancer, the winner of eight Grammy Awards. For her artistic temperament and stage expressiveness, she became the owner of the star on the Hollywood Walk of Glory and the title of “Queen of Rock & Roll.” Biography of Tina Turner is rich in vicissitudes – the loss of her parents and popularity decline, wandering with a handful of coins in her pocket and continuous work day by day. This cheerful artist has built a new life at 37. Tina was listed in the top ten of the best dancers in the world. The magazine Rolling Stone called her the greatest singer of our time. She is the most successful rock singer of all times, the total edition of her albums is more than 180 million copies.


Ann Wilson


Ann Wilson is an American singer who achieved fame as a part of the Seattle / Vancouver rock band ‘Heart’. But she has performed not only in the band; in 1986 she released her first solo single – “The Best Man in the World” from the movie “The Golden Child”. For her powerful, soulful voice, the singer was called the female version of Robert Plant – the lead singer of ‘Led Zeppelin’.


Joan Jett


Joan Jett has always been bright and unusual girl. She was interested in ‘cool’ music, informal ‘outfit’ and the guys on bikes. Her work was greatly influenced by ‘Black Sabbath’, as well as the ‘hard side’ of the music of T. Rex. In 1975, she saw Suzi Quatro performance, and this has pushed Joan to create a similar women’s group ‘Runaways’. Musical achievements of Joan Jett were appreciated in the early ’90s, when many representatives of the movement ‘riot grrrl’ called her their inspirer. Now she is considered one of the leading female singers of a hard-and-heavy style.


Pat Benatar


Pat Benatar is one of the most popular American rock singers, who reached her career peak in the first half of the 80s. The owner of a classically trained mezzo-soprano, four Grammy awards, two multi-platinum albums, five platinum and three gold albums, this singer hit the Top 40 Single more than 20 times and at the dawn of MTV, was one of the most rotated performers. Visiting the concert of Liza Minnelli, pushed the girl to start her singing career. Once she said, “My life is given to rock ‘n’ roll forever!” and she has never changed her principles.

Amy Lee


Amy Lee is an American singer, songwriter, poet and pianist, vocalist and keyboardist in the band Evanescence. The attitude to this group is ambiguous. As a rule, it is considered to be a ‘snotty pop music’ for young gothic teens. At the same time, it is wildly popular and has two awards of Grammy. The creativity of Amy Lee is the subject matter of the critics all over the world. To love it or not is the choice of everyone. But the recognition of ‘Evanescence’ is undeniable. Now the work of Amy Lee is not confined to writing and performing her songs. She also writes music for films, takes part in a lot of different projects.